November 27, 2021

Eyecandy - Promontory (Video)

Somehow this slipped through my fingers. Great band, great video, great album and an awesome EP all being released in this very year. EYECANDY were rocking 2021!

Strangelight - Lead Blanket (Video)

STRANGELIGHT follow their debut LP from last year with an EP, titled "The World needs Laughter", which is out on December the 10th.

November 25, 2021

Fading Signal - Long ago and far away (EP)

Label: Safe Inside Records
Oh yeah, this is it. FADING SIGNAL are one of, if not the most thrilling band of a new and very powerful Hardcore movement. The Youth is angry once again and they found a fitting way to channel all their rage. The 5-piece out of North Carolina formed in 2019, put together a demo in 2020 and released their debut EP "Nothing feels good anymore" in January of 2021, after undergoing some line-up-changes.

Their second EP "Long ago and far away" is out for two weeks now and it is just as exciting as "Nothing feels good anymore". To me, FADING SIGNAL sound like PAINT IT BLACK and AMERICAN NIGHTMARE merged into one. This is fast, this is frenetic, it's relentless, it's aggressive, it rocks like hell, it has those metallic chugs, it has awesome singalongs, gang shouts, intense vocal delivery, and an unearthly urgency in every note that's being played. Just the right soundtrack for jumping around my flat like a maniac!

What sucks is that the EP is over all too quick, though it's a minute longer than their first EP, clocking in at 7 minutes runtime. However, I don't think that they should change anything about their songwriting, cause they already proved how to write captivating HC-sprints who barely last a minute. With "Wasting Words", the opener of "Long ago and far away", they discover new territories, as this song is their longest cut yet. If you take that sample at the beginning into account, the song lasts exactly 3 minutes. Still it works in their favor and is a nice progression from their beginnings, with some near-midtempo and a glimpse of epic-ness thrown in. "Internalized" and "Palm Reader" are more in the fashion of the first EP and shine as bright as the opener. "My Rules", a stellar cover of VOID, closes out the new record. The overall feeling is not too far away from "Nothing feels good anymore", but FADING SIGNAL still evolved in some areas. The new EP is more diverse, it's more artistic, it offers varying moods opposed to the sheer wrath that was delivered before. Production-wise the first EP was already flawless, "Long ago and far away" is even more polished and defined. 

What I really loved about "Nothing feels good anymore" were the desperate and radical lyrics. The lyrics of the three new songs don't stray away too much from that, still they are more complex and written in a more subtle kind of way. It's excellent stuff, no doubt, though it's not as stressing, memorable and easy to sing along to as the words from previous songs.

In the end, FADING SIGNAL continue to be an exceptional Hardcore-band with their Safe Inside-debut. With those three songs they walk the middle way of staying true to their sound and attitude, while realizing some clever progressions. I'm already looking forward to new songs, keeping both EPs on heavy rotation until then...

Rating: 9 out of 10

Fading Signal on Bandcamp
Fading Signal on Instagram
Stream on Safe Inside's Bandcamp

Demo-Rec: xUntold Sufferingx

This totally rips. Good ol' 90s-metallic-mosh with lots of power and a militant SxE-attitude. FFO: EARTH CRISIS, UNBROKEN & MORNING AGAIN.

November 22, 2021

Coma Reglia - Further into you (Video)

COMA REGALIA with a, erm, yeah... different kind of music video. The song is from the upcoming 4-Way-Split "Another Year in Hell" with OVERO, PUNCH ON! & ZOCHOR, out via Middle Man Records on the 3rd of December.

November 16, 2021

Heart Attack Man - Thoughtz & Prayerz (EP)

Label: Triple Crown Records
Who doesn't like a good ol' surprise? In today's predictable and calculated music industry there is no place for those kind of things. But sometimes, yeah, just sometimes there comes a band like HEART ATTACK MAN along the way and just leaves you saying "what the fuck...?!".

I haven't known this band before, so I did my research. They were being compared to WEEZER or GREEN DAY, so I expected some bubblegum-ish Pop-Punk and Power-Pop. After hearing the opener "Puke" the first thing I did, was checking if there is another band by the same name, cause that didn't sound the slightest bit like WEEZER or GREEN DAY. Another thing I found was an interview with the lead singer, who revealed that he listened to KORN a lot, while writing "Thoughtz & Prayerz". Yep, there you go!

"Puke" is some over-produced Nu-Metal/Crossover shit, with big balls and a cringe-worthy, primitive chorus, that goes like this: "You make me wanna fucking puke / I'm sick to my stomache at the thought of you". It's overstaded and comes with a wink, that's why they get away with it somehow. The title-track differs a bit, but not too much. In fact, this is more like a blend of the Crossover-sound with groovy Mosh. Maybe HELMET wound sound like that, if they had a sense for goofy humor and were catering to 16-year-olds. "Cool 2 me" continues the transformation of this EP. HEART ATTACK MAN go full Groove-Rock here, but they also discover their sense for melodies. On top of that the singer delivers over-accented rapping. Sounds strange, but it's catchy and fun. 

"Pitch Black" is more radical when it comes to the aformentioned transformation. Yeah, finally we are in the middle of Pop-Punk-territories. This sounds a lot like SUM41 in their prime, with a catchy chorus, clever lyrics and those rockin' verses. It's just beautiful and an instant classic within that kind of style. The closer "Leap Year" follows suit, with juvenile Pop-Punk in the vein of SUM41 and BLINK-182. Another hit, for sure.

I feel that I could enjoy this EP more, if they would've gone with the stilistics of the last two songs, cause they got that shit rolling... on the other hand, the surprise factor would be non-existent without the odd beginning. What I appreciate is, that these four young guys do their own thing. The intention is bland sometimes, the production is slippery and it may be all too juvenile and mainstream-y, but in the end "Thoughtz & Prayerz" (look at that notation, classic Nu-Metal!!!11) is really bold, pretty divers and kind of refreshing. Me likez!

Rating: 7 out of 10

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Rid of me - Dealing (Video)

...their debut album "Traveling", out on the 3rd of december, shapes up to be quite interesting and full of alterations.

November 11, 2021

Hate it too - Gaslighting (EP)

Label: Hell for Breakfast Records
Once again I got to emphasize that it's a shame that HATE IT TOO are flying under the radar. After their stellar 2020-album "Lampshading" they dropped "Gaslighting" a few days ago. And they continue to shine! If you don't know them: Think PROPAGANDHI with more focus on melodies and Skatepunk and less focus on Metal and Hardcore. The canadians have defined their own, unique style and in 2021 they are confident as ever playing with it.

First of all I was pretty surprised that they didn't build up on the more mellow, midtempo-based songs of "Lampshading", e.g. "Cold Call" or "VDTLJ". That's what I was expecting them to do. Instead they go full force here, staying true to their Skatepunk-roots. Still they managed to up their Prog-game. Opener "Abilene" is more complex than anything from the last album, clocking in at 4:48 minutes, but still manages to stay entertaining throughout. I had a hard time enjoying it at first, especially if you compare it to the opening-trio of "Lampshading", that was catchy as fuck. "Abilene" is a courageous opener, sets the tone well for the whole EP and still delivers a haunting chorus.

A strength of "Gaslighting" is its amazing production. It's powerful, it has some edges but it's beautifully clear also, as you can hear everything that is going on, even when there is a lot going on. The guitars sound crisp, the melodies come forth perfectly and singer Marc-Antoine uses his significant voice even better than on "Lampshading". HATE IT TOO work so well together as a unit and you can feel it in every second of "Gaslighting".

Song-wise you'll get four more songs, besides "Abilene" and there's no dud to be found. "Don't even bother" shows the guys from a more aggressive side, especially at the end and the beginning of the song. "Lift off" is more playful and features some midtempo sections and melodies. Really nice stuff, especially for the diversity of the EP, but the weakest of the five songs, at least in my book. Just as I was starting to moan about missing short, energetic, catchy songs like "Spirals" or "Fallout" the next track "Harrison Ford" comes my way. It's in the fashion of the mentioned LP-songs and just a banger, start to finish. The closer "Folie à deux" is the second longest song of the record and fools us with its melancholic intro, as it's fast as you'd have expected and in HATE IT TOO's trademark Skate-Prog-style. The somewhat epic outro is a smooth way to close out "Gaslighting" on a high and unusual note.

The canadians' new record took some time to get me hooked but got me quite addicted then. These guys deserve some recognition, so click the link below, head over to Bandcamp and check them out!

Rating: 8 out of 10

Hate it too on Bandcamp
Hate it too on Facebook
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Stay Inside - Silt (Video)

...with a band name like that, 2020 was the perfect year for these gentlemen to debut their album "Viewing". And now, with a potential lockdown on the horizon (at least in my surroundings), it's all too fitting that we get a life sign from STAY INSIDE in form of a new video...